July 18, 2024

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ASA targets menopause claims with AI assisted crackdown

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The offending Facebook adverts by Rejuvit Labs and FemTech Healthcare were clocked in April 2024 as part of the ASA’s AI assisted Active Ad Monitoring system, which proactively searched for online ads making claims about the treatment of symptoms of the menopause.

Weight gain and hot flashes

Rejuvit Labs was picked up for two ads for its Rejuvit Menopause Relief supplement. The first included a customer testimonial that stated, “Around 2-8 weeks after my first capsule, I already had extra room in my pants (everyone was asking how I lost weight), I felt more energized, and the hot flashes [sic] were gone […] I just keep feeling better, healthier, and happier”.

The ASA stated: “We considered that consumers would understand these to be claims that the product could treat symptoms of menopause, including resolving menopause-related weight gain, increasing energy levels and stopping hot flashes.”

The second ad opened with the claim “I’m 55 […] Menopause sucks so bad! Not to mention the hot flashes [sic] and joint pain I’ve had for over 7 years. […] the tummy or gut area is so bloated and big […] That’s precisely how Katy felt when she entered menopause”. Further text stated, “Many women think weight gain and muffin tops during menopause are typical and can’t be stopped. Along with bloating, low energy, and digestive issues”.

The ASA considered this would be understood by consumers to mean that the Rejuvit Graceful Ageing supplements could be used to treat symptoms of the menopause, in particular weight gain, bloating, low energy levels and digestive issues.


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